August 2nd, 2009


Insert some inspirational quote about the bright future here.

On Friday, something happend that I've been waiting to happen for atleast more than two years.

I'm finally being treated medically for my depression and anxiety.

Currently, I'm on Zoloft and my dose if a half a pill a day (those pills are tiny!). I just started taking them on Friday. My mom and my psychiatrist told me that I wouldn't really notice a change until one or two weeks but I already feel better. I know anti depressants aren't magic pills that will miraciously wish my problems away but knowing for the first time in years, I'm taking a big step forward. I think this will mark a new chapter in my life.

On with other stuff.......

Since the Chemistry class I was supposed to take didn't go through and I've been let go of my job, I've had alot of free time for myself. I've been watching alot of Tv and movies. I started watching It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia but then I got bored of it during the second season. Don't get me wrong, I find it really funny but I don't think it's one of those shows I can watch for five hours straight. I need to get back to it though. I've also been watching Mad Men, which is really good. I'm still on the first season and since it's an hour long show, it's gonna take forever to get through but it's worth it. I heard season 3 is gonna start up again this month which makes me really excited. After I watch that series, I'm gonna start watching True Blood.

As for movies, I was watching The Wicker Man remake with Nicolas Cage on Thursday night. Forget about anything bad you heard about that movie. It's hilarious. Whoever said it was the best comedy of 2006 is right. Seriously, check it out. The whole thing is a lolfest. On Friday night, I got high and watched Showgirls. All. Of. It. And not the hilariously bad edited on Vh1. The unedited version. Thing is, I was high, and while I was aware of how awful the movie was, I was also really getting into it. Like I was really enjoying it. Until that really graphic and gratoius rape scene kinda dragged me out of the movie and then I realized how bad it was. If I wasn't on something, I don't think I would've gotten through the whole thing.

And I just got back from seeing 500 Days of Summer and it's really good. Joesph Gordon-Levitt is amazing. I would never imagined that the kid from Third Rock from the Sun would grow up to be hot but I was wrong. My favorite part was the soundtrack, which I just downloaded (but then again, that was partly because  have WAY too much dance/electronic music in my iTunes library right now and need something to even it out).
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