Como Esta, Bitches!!

The title comes from one of my all time favorite movies.

School's over! And I'm pretty sure I fucked up on all my finals. I'm not sure why it happened but I just wasn't engaged at all in school. I mean, I never been a straight A student at all, but other than a few Ds and Cs, my report card, for the most part has been pretty decent in the past. But this year I have actually very few strong memories of me at school (before you do mention it, while I'm definitely not straight edge, I'm not a stoner). I was very apathetic towards the whole thing. It's not that I didn't care about my grades. It's just that I was tired of the whole thing. I didn't have enough energy. I talked to my parents about this months ago. I'm now seeing a psychiatrist and I most likely be put on medication for depression and maybe ADD. I'm just happy that I'm actually taking action after these years.

Oh, and I'm leaving in a few hours to a plane to Mexico City, and then to Yucatan. It's this community service thing I'm doing for IB (my program at Berkeley High). I'm so excited! But I'm also really nervous. I don't speak any Spanish. At least in France I could get around with my pathetic French but I don't know what I'm gonna do there. I'll guess I'll try to learn a few Spanish phrases on the plane ride there.

Next post will be filled with pictures and tales of my wacky adventures in Mexico. I promise.

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I gots book smartz

Gezzus, I need to stop naming the titles of my entries with internet slang.

Anyway, without further ado, here's my summer reading list of 2009
Haunted by Chuck Palahnik (currently reading right now)
New Moon by Stephanie Meyer (because I hate myself. Alot)
Hot Mess: Summer In The City by Julie Kraut & Shallon Lester 
I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell by Tucker Max
American Psycho
by Brent Easton Ellis (Since the movie is one of my all time favorites, I decided to give the book a try)
Less Than Zero (also) by Brent Easton Ellis (I think they also made a movie out of this in the 80s. But with RDJ)
Rumors & Envy by Anna Godberson ( Part of the Luxe series. I just finished reading the first one)
Push by Sapphire (Don't know a whole lot about this book except it's supposed to be HELLA depressing)

Anyway, that's the official one. Here's other stuff (Like summer reading for school and books I still need to finish)
The Wars by Timothy Findley (Idk, some Canadian novel about WWI)
Janye Eyre by Charlotte Bronte (I actually attempted to read that book when I was 11. I actaully understood, like the plot and stuff. But then I got bored and haven't read it since)
French Kissmass by Cathy Hapka (Some book I brought around Christmas so that I would have an appropriate themed book to read around the holiday. I actually didn't start reading it until Christmas eve. Then I abandoned it on the 26th)
Choke by Chuck Palahniuk ( I go back and forth on this one. Sometimes I think it's awesome and other times I think it's boring. Haunted is so far good though)

Soooo yeah, that's it. My goal is to finish all these books by early September (around my birthday). In other news it's my last week of school. Yay! Dear god, it was a horrible year, academic wise. I literately felt like doing nothing 85% of the time. Here's hoping senior year is different.
And in less than a week, I'll be on a plane to Mexico. The thought itself hasn't sunk in until last Thursday. It's totally freaky. But that's another story on it's own. I'll post more on that later.

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Music Meme!

I'm pretty danm bored so I decided to do this stupid meme that probably no one is going to read. If my life was a movie, here's the soundtrack.

Opening Credits:
Kajagoogoo - Too Shy (Come to think of it, wtf kind of name is Kajagoogoo? I know it was the 80s and all but still)

Average Day:
Raphael Saadiq - Keep Marchin'

Spending time with friends:

Joy Division- Love Will Tear Us Apart (This is probably the most ill fitting song for this section. Ever)

The Clash - The Blackrobber

Bad day:
The Cars- I'm Not The One  (This is the same song that they used during the Valentine's Day scene in Billy Madison, mind you)

Fight scene:
Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle

Mental breakdown:
Mandy Moore- Candy

Life is okay:
Keane- You Don't See Me

Daft Punk- High Life (Wow. This song actually fits)

Longing for love:
The Cars- Bye Bye Love

First glance/new crush:
Pink Spiders- Nobody Baby

Secret love:
Shakira- Whenever, Wherever

First date:
M.I.A - Paper Planes

Falling in love:
Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Right On Time

Love scene:
Depeche Mode- John The Revelator (Yeah. Because there's nothing like listening to Depeche Mode while getting down and freaky)

Breaking up:
Eve 6 - Inside Out  (Here's To The Night would def be more fitting)

Long night alone:
Elvis Presley - All Shook Up ( Angst = Elvis. True fact)

Wishing for love to return:
Oingo Boingo- Heard Somebody Cry

Fighting to get him/her back:
3OH!3- Don't Trust Me (Wat. The. Fuck)


Destiny Child- Independent Women

M.I.A- Bird Flu (Apparently, we went all exotic and tropical for our wedding)

Reflecting on life:
Daft Punk- Aerodynamic

Reflecting on love:
The Cars- It's All I Can Do (Lay off The Cars, iTunes shuffle. It only takes up like 2% of my iTunes library)

Death scene:
Depeche Mode - Halo

Closing credits:
My Chemical Romance- Desolation Row (Is this Watchmen all of the sudden? Wtf?)

....And I'm reminded how much I hate these things because iTunes comes up with the most lame choices with these memes. Never  unintentionally hilarious. You don't know how badly I wanted "My Dick" or Khia's "My Neck, My Back (Lick It) to come up. But alas, it never did.
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Twlight Sucks

So I got a new laptop. His name is Trumpy. And he likes Potatoes (MST3K reference).

And I highlighted my hair. Before
Photobucket Photobucket
Yeaaah, my skin isn't looking at that great in the after pics, but IDGAF at the moment.

So, in February, I started reading Twilight. Mainly for the lulz and the fact that I was going to be on a 11 hour flight to Paris and I needed something easy to read. It was kinda boring and I abandoned it after like a week. But then I reminded myself that I needed to read more and since were only reading plays in English, I was all like "Hey Natasha, why don't you finnish, Twilight?" Boy, that was a fucking stupid idea. I'm on pg 318 of that 498 pages of trainwreck fuckery. And dear lord, IT'S BAD!!!! At first, I just hated Bella and how annoying and unnecessary bitchy and snobby she was. I mean, I'm bitchy and snobby myself, but damn, this girl made me wanna bash my head against a wall. But then I read further and discovered the horror of Edward/Bella. Seriously, every sentence is how ~*amazing*~ and ~*beautiful*~ he is. It's like,  okay, we get it, he's hot. Is their anything else even remotely interesting about him? Apparently not. And it's creepy how possessive and dominate Edward is over Bella. I mean, I'm not trying to come from a scary, stereotypical feminist perspective, but I cringe everytime Edward insists Bella to take his alternative because he's worrying about her safety. Usually, I would fine that sweet but the way that SMeyer executes it just puts off creeper vibes. I'm all like "Wtf Edward. You're not her dad. She can take care of herself." But then again, she really can't. She needs her Edward to be her knight in shining amour. Ugh *gag*. Way to set feminism back a thousand years, SMeyer. I'm sure Susan B. Anthony, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Margaret Sanger are all smiling down at you up in heaven.

I guess my favorite character at this point is Rosalie, who seems like the only character that can see past Bella's bullshit. And as horrible as this book is, I determined to finnish it, because I am NOT a quitter. Plus, I seriously wanna read Breaking Dawn. Everyone keeps saying how horrible it is but it sounds hilarious. 

And wtf is a chagrin? No seriously.

In wasting my time with something that actually good, I finally watched Slumdog Millionaire over the weekend. It was really depressing (despite the fact that it had a happy ending) but really good nonetheless. And Dev Patel is hot. Idgaf what anyone says.

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Venture Bros

My retrun to teh livejournal

Yeah, I haven't updated in a year. Stfu. I'm horrible at updating things. I've been spending most of my time on ONTD.

So, I have spring break this week, which is good because I'm really starting to hate school. Well not so much hate, it's just that I hardly have the energy to do anything there anymore. I feel like when I try to do my homework, It takes me forever to do one simple stupid assignment, so sometimes, I give up, which isn't a very wise decision, I suppose, but fuck, school is so damn stressful. The worse part is, I'm surrounded by these overachievers who do everything perfectly and never seriously fuck up when it comes to grades. I tried being like them only realizing that I'm nothing like them because my brain doesn't function like theirs does. Still, they're still times where I feel actually retarded  because of my work habits.

My counselor says I still have a shot of getting into a four year university, mainly in the CalStates. I'm aiming to go to Northridge or Long Beach. I was going to take Physics next year but then my mom freaked out because I'm not doing well in Chemistry (i.e I'm failing) so she convinced my counselor to convince my to drop Physics in replace of Algebra 2 (ugh..). But on the flip side, I get to keep IB Economics and AP Art History, and drop French.

And my laptop is acting weird (again). Only this time, it's completely forgotten all my memory. It doesn't have my iTunes libary, pictures, etc. No to mention it takes FOREVER to start it up. It's really fucking weird. Ugh, I have an art piece I need to do over the break and I need to use my laptop for it. The damn thing seriously breaks at the most convenient times possible. I seriously need to get a new one. Good thing I now have a job so now I can spend my hard earned money on a new laptop. Too bad I spent half my last paycheck on $40 Kate Spade flip flops.

Actually, I don't regret that. Those are some pretty cute flip flops. But yeah, need. new. laptop.

Fuck, this thing is probably horribly written. Ah well, I'm so fucking tired.
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Bitches don't know about mah literary skillz

So, keeping up with my goal of 2008, I'm reading moar more. Currently, I'm reading Sex with Kings by Eleanor Herman. It's non fiction book about European kings and their mistresses and the shenanigans that arose from it. It's kinda hard to read but it's interesting. It's also made me hate men just a little bit. But yeah, good read.

I also brought two books from Borders this morning. Naked by David Sedaris and Back in Black from the A list series. I love David Sedaris. I remember being younger and on the way to my grandpa's or my great aunt Susan's house, my parents and I would listen to his books on tape, and how bad we cracked up at them. Ah, that man sure does bring in the lulz. As for the former, I like A list series, okay? and I wanted to pick up where I left off. I'm gonna read these books when I'm finished with Sex With Kings.

As for class, were reading the ever so classic 1984 by George Orwell. It's hard to follow in alot of places but after you read a few pages, you get right into it. Oh, and I'm only 30 pages into the book and I'm already shipping characters. Winston/ Brunette girl OTP!!!
C'mon it even has subtext! In one part in goes in detail on how much Winston wants to bang her. And I'm also dead serious when I say I want porn of them. And this is coming from someone who rarely reads porn in fandom.

Dear god. What the hell has fandom done to me? 

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I hate April Fools

Well, not really. But it's probably my least favorite holiday, along with Thanksgiving(which I don't like because I don't like eating big heaps of food and you don't get presents). I don't really like April Fools because I always fall victim to the pranks, no matter how retarded they are, and I can't think of a good prank to save my life. Plus, I never been the type of person to play pranks. Telling snarky jokes have always been more of my style.

Anyway, following today's prompt, "What is the best April Fools' Day joke you've ever fallen victim to?", I guess I have to say when I was in kindergarten, probably. So I was about six. Anyhoo, My parents drove me to the doctors office. At the time I was all like "Wtf? Why are we going here? I don't have an appointment." and my mom was all like "Oh yes you do sweetie. You have to get shots. Remember?" I flipped out. I hated getting shots then, and I still do. We pulled up to the doctors building and my mom was trying to get me out but I wouldn't budge. She finally couldn't take any more and told me that it was all a joke because of April Fools day. I was so relieved. But what did afterwards was totally stupid. I decided to play a little April Fools joke on them for revenge. I gave my aunt (the driver) specific directions to a place that they didn't know about. It turned out to be H & R block, because they had some sort of tax trouble at that time or something. Looking back, that was kinda lame. But I was six, so what do you expect.

In other non related April Fools news, nothing that interesting is going on. I'm on spring break, so I'm not doing much. But on sunday, I got this really cool belt at Forever 21. But the next day it broke. So today, I went in to either get a refund or exchange but apparently the store policy doesn't allowed refund or exchange on accessories, meaning if you buy a pair of earrings and the next day, they fall apart, you're pretty much screwed. The hell? That's so retarded. I told my mom about it and she was furious. Well, it's okay. It's not like I shop at Forever 21 often anyway. I used to love that place when I was 14 but now all they seem to go hipster (which is NOT my style) and all their clothes are either sliver,  gold, or green (and occasionally purple). But they do have some cute earirngs. But yeah, Wet Seal FTW!! They inspired me to color code my closet.
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This week en general..

Monday was St. Patrick (my third favorite holiday). I honored my Irish heritage by wearing green and listening to Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys. While I did have a Guinness, I didn't get drunk though. It would've been dumb though, considering it was a monday (which IMO, is the worst day of the week to have St. Paddy's day, if you ask me)

Tuesday was my mom's birthday but she actually really celebrated it on wenesday. I always thought that the fact that her birthday was the day after St. Patrick's day kinda sucked. I mean, just imagine. I super hungover after a wild and fabulous night and then I remember 'OH FUCK!! IT'S MY MOM'S BIRTHDAY! AND I HAVEN'T EVEN GOT HER A PRESENT YET!! But yeah, we went out to lunch on wenesday to Pata Pomadoro (again...) and I did a impression of Danny Noriega's (from American Idol) SOME PEOPLE WEREN'T LIKING IT!, which was very bad, but my mom found it lulz worthy, and that's all that matters.

And today was Easter (my second favorite holiday), which was okay, I guess. I like Easter better when it's in April instead of March. Anyhoo, I didn't really get a basket, instead I got chocolate, a few shirts, and an iTunes gift card, which was pretty sweet.

And tomorrow, I still have to go to school. Apparently, spring break isn't until next week. The fuck kind of schedule is that? Sometimes I really hate how Berkeley High plans things out.
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I actually did something worth value this weekend!!!!

So I pat myself on the back.....yay!!

So, I went to the Berkeley Model UN conference this weekend. Forgot to mention this but I joined the Model UN at my school, partly because it's held every Thursday at the same classroom that 4th period is held at (which is right after lunch). My country was Ghana and my committee was UNDP (United Nations Development Program). Almost during the whole thing, I didn't do jack shit, for two reasons 1)This was my first conference and I was totally unprepared and 2)No one excepts Ghana to really do anything. Maybe the U.S, the U.K. China, Russia, Japan, and some other countries but I highly doubt anyone is dying to hear what Ghana has to say. Besides, I did I speech, and risked the fact that I sounded like a total idiot and and didn't know what the hell I was talking about. So most through the committee sessions, I played Tetris on my phone and unsuccessfully texted my friends. But I did partly paid attention and learned some stuff.

Oh, and they're were so much hotness at the conference. And what I mean by that is "Oh that guy over there is my future baby daddy!" and "Oh, she's so pretty. If I were a lesbian, I'd totally do her!". But seriously, UC Berkeley is full of hot, sexy men. How come there's so much sexy there while there's so much fug at Berkeley High? Looks like I need to date some college students, like that will ever happen. Maybe in a year or two.

But overall, I had a great time. I actually wasn't as bored as I thought I would be during the committee sessions. But it was awfully windy and I ended up being cold most of the time because I didn't bring a jacket (I had to wear formal clothes and the only formal jacket I have is this big ass faux fur jacket that is way to small on me and is pain in the ass to carry around). This one girl in my committee, who was in Berkeley for the first time, complained how much the weather here sucks, and I kinda had to agree. Weather here is sometimes nice (like in the summer and spring) but it really was fucking windy this weekend.
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Chlorophyll? More like BOREophyll

Yesterday I went to Erin's house and for some reason, she gave me one of her ADD meds. I took it, and for some reason I was really hyper and I pulled an all nighter by  looking at random articles on Wikipedia. ( I did this ALL night). So I can successfully say that I once pulled an all nighter......with the help of speed.


I'm reading this book called "All Quiet on the Western Front" for English class. Basically my copy of the book has the front cover, back cover, and inside pages rave on how great this book really is. I'm dead serious when I say that on the front cover it says Greatest War Novel Of All Time right above the title. But y'know, I think I'm in the minority because I think this book is FUCKING BORING!!!  Part of the reason I chose it was because I thought WWI was an interesting topic to read about. Instead, I've read 106 pages about a guy ramble on lord knows what. But, in my opinion, I don't think it's entirely the author's fault. I mean, my version is badly translated from German. Seriously, the structure is very weird. The writing is very akward. It's written in present tense rather than past tense (although that can just be style). Also, about 85% of the time, I don't know what the hell is going on. The main character may be describing some epic fight between two soldiers and it's supposed to be meaningful or something like that but instead of being moved by this "fine" piece of literature, I'm just kinda sitting here going "Excuse me, wtf r u doin?". And I feel like I'm the only person in my class whose reading the novel and doesn't understand what's going on. I had to go on spark notes to clarify  all the characters and the storyline to where I am now (speaking of character, why does every character's, except for, like ,two, name begin with the letter K? I know this is Germany and all but have some variety). Goddammit, I knew I've should've read Animal Farm.

But I promise myself that I will get through this book. Because I am not a quitter! I will finish it, no matter how hard and tedious it is to read.
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